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Overnight Camp in Kentucky
Overnight Camp in Kentucky
Overnight Camp kids in Kentucky
Overnight Camp in Kentucky
Overnight Camp kids in Kentucky
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JULY 6-10, 2021









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A Letter from Chris

& Dana Taft

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What do you get when you mix a former NBA family turned pastoral team, a passion to see children like ours have experiences without the spotlight, and a stunning summer camp in Fountain Run, Kentucky, 90 minutes outside of Nashville, TN?


It’s called LEGACY CAMP. A place for young people to experience belonging, make connections, and grow in their relationship with Christ.


In our own life and in our close circles, we’ve seen that at times, our kids can miss out on the typical childhood experiences like summer camp, and we want to change that narrative. In our

current place in life as not only children’s pastors, but avid collectors of fun new experiences, we believe we’ve designed just the way to do that.


Your child’s safety is our first priority in every way, from their health to their soul. This is a private, invite-only camp where kids are safe from the public gaze and around new friends from similar backgrounds.


As an NBA family, we’ve seen the success of their bubble in Orlando, and we’re creating our own for this week of camp. We have teamed with medical professionals to ensure COVID-19  safety spanning from before your arrival to how we can diligently keep your kids safe throughout their entire stay.


From horseback riding to extreme water sports to classic campfires and worship, young people who’ve finished third grade all the way through high school are in for the summer of their lives! They’ll spend days competing in their “republics,” their groups for the weeks made up of campers their own age from similar backgrounds. You’ll see them learning novel skills like carpentry and archery, adventuring on zip lines and rock climbing, connecting with others, and making memories that will last a lifetime. At the end of the week, they will walk away with new friends, new experiences, and a new zeal for their faith!


Won’t you join us this summer for Legacy Camp?

What YOUR child may experience at Legacy Camp having completed 3rd-5th grade...


Sarah has just graduated from the 4th grade and has butterflies in her stomach pulling up to the camp. It’s her first time coming to an overnight camp, but her mom reassures her that she’ll love her counselor and co-counselor for her “republic,” a group of new friends all around her age. They’ll spend their days together, trying new things and building connections.

Through her days at the camp, she falls in love with archery and carpentry, having safe fun working with her hands and developing new skills. Mealtime is also a favorite, particularly the brownies. Every night, the whole camp - even the big kids - get together for live worship and camp-wide games, which she always looks forward to. By the end of the week, she is more comfortable with herself, connected to others, and passionate about her faith than she expected. Waving goodbye, she has butterflies again as she thinks, “can’t wait for next year!”

What YOUR child may experience at Legacy Camp having completed 6th-9th grade...


Andre is so thankful to be done with the 8th grade - who decided algebra was a good idea? He’s been looking forward to a week away; a week where he will blend in instead of stand out. His “republic,” or the group of other kids in grades 6-9, seems pretty cool. They love competing in Iron Man-style races and games as well as hanging out in the lake, boating, and pushing the waterslide to its limits. Middle school can be weird, but these new friends really get him and the family he comes from.

Blending into the crowd for once gives him the opportunity to worship without worrying about being watched, and he realizes he has a passion for sharing his faith in everyday conversations. The campfire chats are a good opportunity for deep talk with his republic friends. For Andre, the pressure is off at Legacy Camp, and as he gets ready to head to high school, he looks forward to knowing who he is, and who Jesus is, as he heads into the 9th grade. He can’t wait to text his new friends all about it this year.

What YOUR child may experience at Legacy

Camp having completed 10th-12th grade...

Rosa is really looking forward to a “normal” summer camp - one without all the questions about her last name. This will actually be her first time working, coming in as a co-counselor at Legacy Camp. She knows it’s not a normal first job, and her training has prepared her to expect a more meaningful experience than she would have working at the cafe down the street. Here, she will be an example, making a difference in the lives of kids that are growing up much like she has.


She’ll be able to grow her leadership skills by practicing them in hands-on settings as she helps a “republic” of younger people, and by watching the other counselor who has experience guiding kids in everything from horseback riding to small group discussions about Christ. Another perk: as staff members, she and the other co-counselors have their own small group time after everyone else goes to bed and get extra conversation and investment from the leadership. Her new co-counselor friends are learning about themselves as leaders and believers right alongside her. In fact, the whole group creates a chat to hear about new college experiences, senior years, and the growth they notice after Legacy Camp.


We understand that sending your kids to camp for the very first time is a different experience for many of you. We would love to extend you the opportunity to be a part of Legacy Camp in a meaningful way. Serve at the camp and watch these republics have the experience of a lifetime, connecting, adventuring, and growing together. As a staff, we will also ensure that we give you practical tools you can take away from Legacy Camp, catered to your season of parenting. There’s a place for you here in this innovative project, and we’d love to connect with you.

For more specific information or questions on facilities, meals, parent accommodations and security needs, contact Dana Taft at 615-720-8335.



$1,500 per participant

$125 early bird discount

(registration by March 31st)

$200 family discount for each additional family member

(sibling, parent, etc.)

Overnight Camp in Kentucky
Overnight Camp in Kentucky
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Overnight Camp in Kentucky
Overnight Camp in Kentucky
Overnight Camp in Kentucky


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