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What are the most important things to bring?

Please be sure to bring your own bedding. Sheets, pillows, and blankets will not be provided. 

What is our inclement weather policy?

If it is a hard rain, thunder and lightning we will first try to wait it out and see if we can adjust the time slightly. If it is not passing by quickly, we will adjust the invoice for missed acivities.

Does our group need to have individuals sign a hold harmless agreement and/or medical waiver?

Yes. We do require a waiver for each retreat attendee.  Additionally, we also require each organization to provide proof of insurance prior to your retreat turned in with deposit and signed user agreement.

Can we build a bonfire?

Yes, bonfires may be scheduled in advance with our staff. Please communicate the date and time desired, and your bonfire will be prepared in designated areas. Additional wood will be provided close by. 

Do Barefoot Republic Camp staff live on-site?

Yes. We have staff that live onsite and near our campus to provide hospitality and assistance.  Their contact information is included in our welcome packet for groups renting the facility.  One staff member is designated as "on-call" each evening and their name and contact will be located at the front desk of Turner Lodge.

What type of audio/visual equipment is available?

We have a digital, 16-channel board, sound system, and two 60-inch LEDs available in our large group meeting space (gym) for no additional charge. We also have a small, portable PA that is available at no charge. 

What are best places to stop between Nashville and Barefoot Republic Camp for fuel and meals?

We recommend stopping for fuel off of exit #2 or exit #6 right after you enter Kentucky. These exits have the cheapest fuel. Exit #2 has a Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Zaxby’s and Burger King. Exit #6 has a Wendy’s and Subway. Alternately, you may take Hwy 31 through Gallatin. Chick-fil-A, Starbucks and grocery stores are available along this route. We also recommend grabbing a meal in Scottsville on the way to the camp. Earl G. Dumplins is our favorite spot along the way. Or, you can always stop at Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway, Rey San Jose, Dairy Queen or Las Mariachas. 

Do you have paintball equipment?

Yes, we own Tippmann 98 paintball guns. These are available to rent for $20/pp for 2 hours, which also includes CO2 refills (tank on campus). We also supply paintballs at cost ($45/case and 2,000 paintballs in a case). We do require that you use our paint for our guns to help us preserve the life of our equipment. Please feel free to bring your gear if you would like to play as well, but make prior arrangements so a BRC facilitator is available and we can ensure the trails and field are prepared in advance for your group. You must bring additional protective gear (ie. long pants and long-sleeved shirts). We only provide masks and markers.

Can our group use the low ropes course?

Yes, though insurance requires that we provide a trained facilitator for your group. We currently have 9 initiatives on the low ropes course (wild woozy, single-line traverse, mohawk walk, climbing wall, all aboard, spiders web, nitro crossing, whale watch, teepee shuffle, and fireman’s chute). Our fee per facilitator is $100/hr, and a facilitator is required for every 10-12 people in your group.

Can our guests ride the horses during our retreat?

Yes, the horses are available to use during your retreat, ONLY with a Barefoot Republic facilitator. Facilitators are available for $100/hr for free-ride or $200/hr for trail rides.

What is your alcohol policy?

If you would like to bring alcohol on site, you must make prior arrangements and send us a copy of your insurance policy with Barefoot Republic Camp listed as being additionally insured.

Can we bring more than 204 people to our retreat?

Yes, we have hosted groups of up to 300.  We are willing to discuss scenarios larger than the suggested number on a case-by-case basis.  Groups are also welcome to bring tents for outdoor camping and there are 2 RV hookups located on campus.

Is there a private place for a guest speaker, pastor, family, etc. to stay?

Yes, we have 14 private rooms in Turner Lodge that are available and there are also multiple lake houses (that may be rented for an additional charge) on property adjacent to the camp. 

How many people can your corporate meeting spaces accommodate?

We have 250 chairs in the gym, though the space can seat up to 400. The Sparrow Amphitheater can seat 200, with 75 additional outdoor chairs for groups up to 275. In addition, Turner Lodge has several corporate meeting spaces including a cafeteria that can be set up for 300, a conference room that can accommodate 40, and (2) guest lounges that can be setup for 15-20 each.  The DC comfortably seats 50-75 downstairs and up to 150 upstairs.  All spaces have WIFI and A/V capabilities.

Can we exclusively use the camp facility, or will we have to share the campus during our retreat?

The number given on the group’s contract represents the minimum guarantee. Barefoot reserves the right to book another retreat if your group’s minimum guarantee is less than 150 people.

Is there a refrigerator available to use?

There is a mini-fridge for medications in the nurse’s station and a one in the staff lounge available to put specific allergen-free food for guest needs.

Do you provide transportation?

Barefoot has a 40 passenger(+luggage) school bus which is available for retreats for an additional fee. We also have two 15 passenger vans available to rent. 

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