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Come Join us at our Family Programs, called Big Foot Little Foot, at Barefoot. Our events for families are split up into full family weekends (Family Camp) & parent-child weekends. These weekends are designed to give you and your child the time & space to grow closer together & learn more about Jesus.

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Whether you need time to simply be together at our Family Camps for the entire family, or you need intentional one-on-one time with your child during our Parent-Child Camps, our Family Programs are designed to give your family a weekend you will never forget! 


Every activity at camp is infused with intentionality and purpose. Our top desire is to create spaces or moments for your relationships to flourish. We long to be a part of building that solid foundation in your family unit. When the pressures of the world come against your family, you will stand tall, being reminded of the moments you had together at camp. Additionally, your family will be ushered towards Jesus through daily worship and devotionals.


Our hope is that you will not only dig deeper into your individual relationship with the Lord, but that as a family you’ll have the space to share what the Lord is doing in your lives. Last but not least, your family will also let loose and have fun while on campus. Between our adventure elements, such as the zipline and giant swing, to enjoying nature, art or leisurely activities, there is something exhilarating for every family member at Barefoot Republic Camp. 


A special weekend for parents and kids to enjoy time together relaxing, re-connecting and making memories that will last a lifetime...

During our Parent-Child Camps, one adult and one child will be invited to camp as a pair. If you are staying within our treehouse cabins, you and your child will be placed in cabins with a few other Parent-Child pairs with safety measures in place. These weekends specialize in each pair combination, dialing in on what each adult and child needs in the relationship. There's nothing quite like spending these weekends alone with your child. It clearly communicates to them just how important, special and loved they truly are.