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We are looking for a group of diverse Christ-followers who are



"Barefoot Republic was a work environment that was positive, affirming, and where needs are always met. I felt supported, like I could grow there"
- Ina Williams
Our Counselors are verified through an intense interview process

Counselors will serve and care for each camper's experience, and may also teach specialty classes including various artistic, athletic, and adventure activities. 

Our ratio of nearly 1 adult to every 2 campers is unmatched in the camping industry and will insure that every camper has the opportunity to grow spiritually, athletically and artistically.

Summer Jobs

We offer various summer job opportunities. These positions are available for 4+ week depending on camp dates.
To be a part of our summer staff, you must be 16+ (rising junior or senior) for Day Camp and 18+ (high school graduate) for Overnight Camp.
Summer Jobs
Instruct a specialty and/or free time elective (minimum of 2-5 hours/day). Day or overnight availability. Most overnight staff will either be expected to lead or assist with an activity. 
CIT (Counselor in Training)
Requires staff training. CITs will work with a Republic Leader and Counselor to oversee a Republic of up to 14 campers. Will also participate in daily leadership training, preparing them to return as a Counselor in future years. May also lead or assist with specialties and free time.
Requires staff training. Counselors will work with a Republic Leader to oversee a Republic of up to 14 campers. May also lead or assist with specialties and free time.
Support Staff
Requires staff training. Support Staff’s primary role is to serve as kitchen staff and help behind the scenes in various ways, including but not limited to activity setup and teardown, administrative office tasks and/or grounds and facilities tasks, or childcare. May also assist with specialties and free time.
Republic Leader
Requires staff training. Republic Leaders will be assigned to a Republic of up to 14 campers and be in charge of facilitating the Bible study and other group discussions throughout the week, along with the help of a counselor. May also assist with specialties and free time.
A variety of internships are available, including Audio, Video, Marketing, Lifeguard, Administrative Office Assistant, Grounds/Facilities Assistant, Kitchen Assistant, Republic Leader, and some of the other above roles depending of staff needs.

Camp Volunteer Opportunities 

Camp Volunteer Opportunities are available at all of our Day Camp Locations, Winter Camp & Big Foot Little Foot Parent Child weekends.
Volunteers function as counselors, instructors, and support staff.
As a volunteer, you are critical in helping our campers experience diversity and community through sports, fine arts and a variety of other camp activities.
As role models and mentors for campers, volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and ethical manner in order to guide campers with love and firmness.
Camp Volunteers
Our ministry runs off of volunteers. We are always looking for people to help us serve our campers & complete necessary tasks.  

We have volunteers for the summer as well as year round volunteer needs. Our year round needs are just as important. We are always looking for people to help us with events, day-to-day tasks & any preparations that need to take place before camp.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please email & fill out the Individual Volunteer Waiver below.  Someone will be in touch with you soon! 

Volunteer Waiver

Year Around Volunteers
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