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Through Bible study, book discussion, and hands-on group projects, students will gain a deeper understanding of who God is and wrestle with theological concepts that will impact their Christian worldview. No matter your future vocation, you are called to live in communion with God. You'll learn spiritual disciplines to show you how!


Servant leadership is a Christian philosophy that puts forth the idea that for one to lead, one must learn to serve. Bridge students will have unique opportunities to serve the community, retreat guests, and each other during their time in the program.


Bridge students will earn their Lifeguard & CPR Certification, and High Ropes training as well as receive training on practical skills:

Nutrition, Meal Prep, and Cooking
Resume Building
Conflict Resolution
Public Speaking
Basic Car Maintenance
Budgeting and Personal Finance
Simple Home Repairs
Health and Wellness


Our Bridge students have the chance to press pause from the pressures and expectations of life by taking a step back and examining their lives in light of who they are and their relationship with Christ.

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