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Barefoot at Woodmont - Day One

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

It's so hard to believe that we are beginning our last week of day camp this summer at Barefoot. There have been so many amazing campers, life-long friendships begun and memories we will carry with us to tell our own little Barefoot-ers one day! We cannot think of a better way to end our summer than by serving at Woodmont Baptist Church in Nashville!! Aside from the incredible architecture and history that lie behind the walls of this church, we love Woodmont simply because they remind us that being big doesn't mean humility and love get lost in the mix. This week, we are reminded to have the faith of a little child and to lean into the mercy and grace of God in every little thing we do. As we prepare for our final week this summer of worship, team-building, specialties and many outdoor adventures, we look forward in anticipation for what God will bring and how He will change us for His purpose. What an honor it is to be chosen for such a time as this! #barefootatwoodmontbaptistchurch

Day Camp kids in Tennessee

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