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Barefoot at Woodmont - Day Two

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Yesterday was our second day of Day Camp at Woodmont Baptist Church! This week we have incorporated a new adventure for the last week of the summer. We are doing Laser Tag!! A couple of our staff members have taken on the role of Laser Tag Instructors. They worked very hard to decorate and make the game come to life for the kids. We have most of the third floor at Woodmont purely dedicated to this. The hallways and rooms are decorated with glow paint, neon sticky notes, blackout curtains, and obstacles to hide behind. All of this, in the dark, is illuminated by several black light bars placed throughout. Everybody gets a laser gun and a chestpiece to play. The kids are then split up into 2 teams with some staff on each team to help them. Both the kids and the staff absolutely LOVE being able to participate in this super fun game.

Day Camp kids in Tennessee

Day Camp kids in Tennessee

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