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2022 Camp Theme Reveal: Overflow

When you picture overflow, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of soda spilling over the edges of a cup, water flowing over a dam, or the entrance just outside a packed theme park or concert venue. It’s a word we reserve for those situations where something is in great excess—more than enough!

Is it possible to live a life that overflows? Life that isn’t just making it one day to the next, but life to the full, life overflowing. The kind of life that isn’t flooded one moment and empty the next, satisfied to the full for a season and then hungry and thirsty not long after.

Consider this: God is a God of overflow. God desires for us to have life overflowing with God’s goodness and character—too much to keep inside, peace spilling over the edges, love saturating everything in and around us.

But in order to overflow, something must first be filled. We cannot fill ourselves up by becoming popular, achieving more, chasing beauty, or just being good enough. Overflow is the opposite of striving — it flows freely from within.