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After School Program Announcement

Dear Barefoot Family,

Thank you all for sharing your amazing kids with us this summer! We would love to hear your feedback, as we continue to refine and reimagine our multicultural, Christ-centered camping platform. Our team has been honored to serve your family this summer and we were so blessed to return to full capacity for our 21st summer of camp!

As we rapidly approach our 20,000th camper in 2023, we have long considered the question, "What happens next?". Barefoot Republic Camp (BRC) continues to wake up each day asking the Lord to help us bring more heaven to earth. To this end, we have witnessed the genesis of thousands of Christ-centered, cross-cultural friendships form through our ministry whether it has been in our "Republics," on the sports field, or in one of our artistic specialties. It truly is amazing what the Lord can do once you establish one shared passion or interest. Our prayer is that these new-found friendships can be cultivated throughout the year, as we have often wondered how a camp friendship may be cultivated, expanded to extended family and community, and/or result in a slumber party between campers when they return home!

As we evaluate our strategic and Kingdom goals in the year ahead, we are so excited to announce a new partnership with Grassland Heights Baptist Church (GHBC) in Franklin, TN for an After School Program. Over the years, BRC has piloted worship nights, small groups, dance teams, stomp teams, choirs, and basketball teams to help reunite campers. The challenges of a venue, as well as transportation, have remained, but with our new partner and expanded year-round staff, BRC is committed to press on in faith as we so strongly value our campers, their friendships, and their relationships with our staff as they continue to develop and form their biblical worldview. Although GHBC is not as centrally-located as we had envisioned, God has opened this door and helped us identify other core Barefoot partners to help us create the diversity we seek in all of our programs at this location for such a time as this.

We are also excited to share that we have hired a new "After School Program Coordinator," Dan Edwards, to help us launch this program, which will include eight exciting programs inspired by some of our most popular camp specialties this fall at GHBC. True to our mission, these will include artistic (Making of the Band, stomp, choir, and dance) as well as athletic (flag football, softball, basketball, and soccer) activities AND through our donors and partners, Barefoot is committed to providing financial assistance to at least 50% of our participants! Praise God! We are praying for joy, laughter, deeper friendships, and proof of concept.

Would you consider joining us? Do you know others that may be interested? Regardless, would you consider completing this quick survey to help inform our future?

We are truly grateful for your friendship and support and pray that we can begin walking with you and your family more closely throughout the year!

Blessings and continued thanks,

Tommy Rhodes

Founder/Executive Director

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