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A Letter from a Camper

Camp seasons are always something to look forward to, from sign ups to finally getting to camp. The whole process is always so exciting. My favorite part and something I am always looking forward to is getting to see new and familiar faces. It’s always so much fun when you get to spend a portion of your summer with good friends that you might not have seen through the school year, but also meeting new ones and learning about all the different and unique cultural backgrounds. My experience at camp has always been pretty amazing. I always get a chance to not only hangout with friends and counselors and play games, but I also get the chance to worship and build my relationship with God.

People always want to know what they should expect at Barefoot Republic and what makes us different - Well, here at Barefoot we value diversity and culture. We always want to not only recognize but celebrate our differences, whether it’s race, ethnicity, culture, or religious beliefs, we like to welcome everyone. So you should definitely expect diversity and a safe, welcoming culture, but also you should expect FUN!! There are always different activities going on around camp, from cabin games and team bonding to horseback riding to extreme sports, hiking, Brave Heart, IRON MAN, and so much more!! They try not to give us too much time to be bored, LOL.

Well, with all being said, I hope you are looking forward to camp and ready to have a fun time!! See you soon!


Christine Chol

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