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Barefoot at Citipointe - Day Five

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Friday wrapped up our week of Day Camp at Citipointe Church in Nashville. This past week at camp was so amazing. These kids absolutely knocked Youth Production out of the park! All of the parents and staff were so proud of them. The instructors and kids both put so much time and work into practicing the whole week. We had Specialties like Vocal Performance, Dance, Film Production, and, of course, STOMP performing Friday afternoon. Also the K-2nd Graders performed "JOY" led by Thomas Rose and the Worship Team. It was so awesome, and in my opinion, the best of the whole summer! Thank you so much Citipointe for letting us come into this community, and help the kids get to know the absolute joy of God's grace!! Hopefully, there are many more Day Camp Weeks in the future!!

Day Camp kids in Tennessee

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