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Barefoot at Citipointe - Day Four

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Thursday marked our 4th day of Day Camp at Citipointe Church in Nashville, and Thursday means Ironman! The campers were so excited to get to be in the obstacle course, which stretched all over campus. They had to go from inside the building, outside, and back again. We had fun stations like Extreme Sports, Balloon Pop, and Cup Pong set up everywhere! When Ironman started, a few kids would start at the beginning with their Republic Leader and pick up other campers on their way. They were running, laughing, and having a GREAT time trying to win the challenge. It was a tight race the whole time, but ultimately there were only two winning Republics. Republic 5 won for the girls and Republic 8 won for the boys. Thursday was such a fun day, and we couldn’t wait for Youth Production on Friday!

Day Camp kids in Tennessee

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