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Barefoot at Citipointe - Day One

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Monday was Day One of Barefoot’s first ever Day Camp Week at Citipointe Church in Nashville! It was so awesome! Our worship team led us in some really great songs. It still continues to be my favorite part of the day! The campers also made their Republic Names and drew their Republic Flags along with what they thought should be the Barefoot Mascot. It was overall a fantastic day! We also are more diverse than ever with so many different cultures being represented!! I think that’s so incredible because we have more of an opportunity to be vessels for God to open our hearts up to learn about each other and live into our motto... “we are one”. God is so good, and he is working in a million ways! I already know the rest of our week is going to be fantastic, and we are all so ready to dive in! Thank you Citipointe for welcoming us with open arms!!

Day Camp kids in Tennessee

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