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Barefoot at Citipointe - Day Three

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Day Three of Day Camp at Citipointe Church in Nashville was great! It was an eventful day as well. In the morning, we took a field trip outside. The kids learned almost every chant we have, and they were having a blast. We did one of my most favorite chants, The Banana Chant, which was so hype. Our campers had smiles on their faces, and it made me so happy. We also had Hunt Brothers Pizza for lunch which was SO delicious! Thank you Hunt Brothers Pizza for giving the staff and the campers the fuel we needed to finish out the day!! Later in the evening, we had our worship time! For this, we came inside and had our awesome skit, video, and worship. All of these kids are so friendly and love each other! There were so many high fives the entire day! Overall, the kids were so excited and couldn’t wait for the rest of the week!!

Day Camp kids in Tennessee

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