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Barefoot at Grace Chapel - Day Two

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Yesterday was our second day of Day Camp at Grace Chapel, and it was so fun! For today, we are highlighting our amazing worship team! Our worship team helped to get the campers super hyped up in the morning. Thomas, Amanda, and Zoe lead the kids with a bunch of amazing songs every single day! It is a completely different setting than our camp at The Farm, but it is just as exciting. Worship is definitely my favorite part of the day! I can really feel the power of God touching the lives of all of these campers, and it is so amazing. When I am walking around the gym, kids are smiling, jumping, and reaching out to one another. They are already getting so familiar with each other, and worship just amplifies that connection. These songs really speak to the counselors, campers, and other staff alike. Thank you worship team for all you do!!

Day Camp kids in Tennessee


Day Camp kids in Tennessee


Day Camp kids in Tennessee


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