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Barefoot at the Farm 1 - Day Five

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Friday wrapped up our week with a bang! We had our camper families all come and join us for the campers to show them what they had been doing all week long. We call this Youth Production! The day before Youth Productions, the counselors and other staff get together to nominate kids for special awards. Some include: The Barefoot Award, The Barnabas Award, and The Nyte Lite Award. At Youth Production each camper that wins the award gets recognized. After this, we recognize the campers who have been with us for 3 years and 5 years. To kick off the performances of the night, the K-2nd graders sang and danced to "Joy" by our amazing hostess, Amy Grant! We also had many performing specialties that had been preparing all week including Songwriting, Drama, Music Production, Vocal Performance, Dance, Making of the Band, Photography, and STOMP, who absolutely blew us all away with their talent! Our Week 1 recap was filmed and produced by our very own Tucker Anderson. Check out our Facebook page to see this very special video! Along with the camper families, Outback Steakhouse also came out to the Farm and cooked us some delicious cheeseburgers to endcap the opening session of Barefoot Republic Camp 2021. Thank you Outback!! Overall, the ending to our first week at the Farm was super fun to be a part of! We had the best time ever this week and can't wait to start all over again next week at the Farm!

Join us next year by registering early and secure your spot at Barefoot at the Farm 2022!

Day Camp kids at Amy Grant's Farm in Tennessee

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