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Barefoot at the Farm 1 - Day Three

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Yesterday was Day 3 of Day Camp at the Farm and it was super fun! We are highlighting Jeffrey Williamson from Republic 11 for Day 3! Jeffrey is in Dance for Specialty 2 in the afternoon. He's been looking for something to jump into and finally found it. Jeffrey absolutely killed it in dance class, and he was the hype man! In Dance, the kids are learning the choreography, created by our very own counselors, to a certain song. They are set to perform this song for every family who comes to our Youth Production on Friday! Jeffrey had some pretty fresh dance moves and wasn't afraid to be silly. He made us laugh and also impressed us so much. I'm so glad to have witnessed this class as they prepare for Friday night.

Day Camp kids at Amy Grant's Farm in Tennessee

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