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Barefoot at the Farm 2 - Day Five

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Friday wrapped up our past two weeks of Barefoot at the Farm 2021! Wow, it was a powerful one. Our worship in the pavilion was hype like always, but afterwards we did something that we don't normally do. God had set our hearts on helping these campers understand Him all week long, and we did it. After worship, we invited anyone who wanted to come up with their Republic Leader and welcome God into their hearts. When we had the idea, a thought floated around like maybe nobody would come up. Maybe we would try this and it would fail. Boy, were we wrong. There were so many kids walking up to accept the Lord. It was so incredibly beautiful, and it moved so many of us to tears. It made me realize that this is what Barefoot is all about. This unity in Christ by many different backgrounds and races is what our mission is. Friday was such an amazing way to end the week and Barefoot at the Farm 2021! I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of such a powerful event.

Day Camp kids at Amy Grant's Farm in Tennessee

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