Barefoot at the Farm 2 - Day One

Monday started our second week of Day Camp at the Farm 2021, and it was a hot one! There were so many new faces for all of us to meet! In our first All Camp Meeting of Week 2, we did a couple of dances and sang some fun songs! I walked by so many specialties, and almost EVERY camper had a smile on their face. We found one little girl who was looking kind of down because she no longer wanted to be in basketball, but we fixed it. She was put into art and after that, she had the biggest grin! Chick-Fil-A also catered lunch to The Farm. It was absolutely delicious and their boxed meals helped our staff get lunch to the campers so much faster! Overall, the day was so exciting! Even while it was incredibly hot, we managed to drink lots of water and have lots of fun!

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